ExM as a super-resolution imaging technique

This method has been developed by Ed Boyden in 2014  (Chen et al, Science 2014).  Since then, many variants have been developed: Pro-ExM, u-ExM, MAP, TREX, Pan-ExM, Ex-dSTORM, I-ExM, x10-ExM, EExM, PA-ExM, Click-ExM, etc…

This super-resolution method is based in sample preparation rather than high-tech imaging microscopy. Expansion by embedding the biological specimen in an acrylamide gel facilitates imaging by conventional microscopes and increases resolution from 4 to 20 folds.

ExM is highly versatile and adaptable to your sample, very easy to implement in the lab, and it can be combined with SIM, STORM and STED.

ExM allows multicolor 3D-volume super-resolution

At the BIC, we have implemented pro-ExM, u-ExM and Pan-ExM in cell cultures, tissue from mammalian and plants. We propose training, assistance in sample preparation and imaging acquisition on your specimen.