Nanozoomer S60 demo on the photonic unit

A new slide scanner will be in demonstration on the BIC in December.

During 2 days, December 12 and 13, you are invited to test the Nanozoomer S60 with Adeline Pouthier from Hamamatsu.

The next days (until the January, 03), the system will stay on the facility for additional acquisition slots.

This system is suitable for brightfield and fluorescence acquisitions with a better efficiency and speed than our current Nanozoomer.

The following fluorescence filters will be available:

  • DAPI (λex = 378nm / λem = 432nm)
  • FITC (λex = 474nm / λem = 515nm)
  • TRITC (λex = 554nm / λem = 595nm)
  • Cy5 (λex = 635nm / λem = 680nm)
  • Cy7 (λex = 735nm / λem = 809nm)
  • TexasRed (λex = 562nm / λem = 624nm)


Don’t hesitate to contact Sébastien () to book a slot.

See you soon on the facility!