BIC Image of the Month April 2024

This month’s winner is Johann Petit from Equipe « Floraison, Développement du Fruit et Contraintes Environnementales » (UMR 1332 Biologie du Fruit et Pathologie), with his image of a longitudinal section of an achene from a cultivated strawberry. The achene is the real fruit (dry part) of the strawberry plant, the fleshy part being the receptacle. The protuberance in this image is the achene, and on either side is the receptable of the strawberry.

This image has been taken with the LSM 880 Zeiss confocal microscope of the plant unit of the BIC. There is no labelling, what you see is just autofluorescence from spectral acquisition (490 nm to 680 nm). We can see in red the plastids, in green, the cuticule of the receptacle and the vascular tissue for the achene.. In the centre of the achene is the seed.

Johann Petit & Lysiane Brocard