Art & Science project with middle school students

On Friday January 12, the photonic unit welcomed a class of 20 schoolchildren from Lesparre-Médoc, accompanied by visual artist Adèle Tilouine.
Adèle, who has a background in history and art history, has already worked on several projects combining art and science, notably with one of our microscopist colleagues from Lille.
To find out more about Adèle’s work:
The aim of this visit is once again an Arts & Sciences project. The students, accompanied by 3 teachers of physical and biological sciences, came to discover how images are generated with a light microscope.
They discovered widefield fluorescence microscopy, as well as confocal microscopy. They followed up timelapses in video microscopy and were introduced to tissue clearing and the beautiful 3D images that can be made with a light-sheet microscope.
They came away with plenty of images of all these techniques, and now it’s up to their imaginations to express their artistic sense on the theme of Heroes.
The works of art will be displayed in Lesparre at the end of the school year, and we’re looking forward to hearing all about them. We’ll keep you posted.