Artistic residence at the BIC

We are really happy to participate in a European artistic program between Aragón (Spain) and Nouvelle Aquitaine regions. The University of Bordeaux, through the Scrime (Studio de Création et de Recherche en Informatique et Musiques Expérimentales), and the Festival Radical dB (from Zaragoza, Spain), have coordinated this collaboration.

The multidisciplinary artistic company Campo de Interferencias organizes concerts, master classes and workshops about music and sound art, and new technologies. They propose hybrid spectacles of acting, dancing and poetry, together with electronic music, folklore, sound installations and scenography research. Check out here a nice sample of their work.

In this framework, we have provided beautiful images from our facility in order to stage a new show. During a few days, we have shared our knowledge in microscopy and we had very interesting discussions about this new spectacle that will take place probably on next spring here in Bordeaux. Stay tuned!!

Picture: Edith Alonso, Antony Maubert and Edu Colina from Campo de Interferencias company, with Mónica from the BIC.