What’s new in Imaris 9.9 available on the BIC?

What’s new in Imaris 9.9, available on the analysis stations 1 & 3 of the facility?

1)      New Machine Learning abilities for Imaris

In a previous version, Imaris offered the possibility to perform object classification based on Machine Learning (ML) in addition to standard 1D and 2D statistics filters.

With the lastest version of the software, it’s now possible to use the ML for thresholding by Pixel Classification using the open source Fiji plugin Labkit. This new feature can be very efficient, particularly for images obtained in transmission modality.


2)      Connection with open source tools for ML and tracking

It is also possible to import into Imaris the labelled images generated on ML open-source tools like iLastik, StarDist, Labkit or others to obtain diretly the segmented objects as Surfaces.

Finally, it is now also possible to import into Imaris the Spots and Tracks from open source tools as MaMuT and TrackMate into Imaris.

These new importing possibilities allow to use the power of Imaris for 3D analysis and representation.


Don’t hesitate to look at the official Imaris website >>HERE<< for more information