What’s in my computer ? The softwares’ unboxing from the BIC

Of course, with new computation capabilities come more possibilities to analyze and process data. But does this mean that we have new softwares to share ? Well, the answer is both yes and no. You will definitely find the usual suspects (Fiji, Metamorph, PALM Tracer, eTomo, MIB, Blender , R, Microsoft Office). You may also have a look at some specificities of station 2: it has all your dream tools for fluorescence lifetime imaging (the dedicated LASX Falcon, SymfoTime, Li-FLIM). If you’re looking for deconvolution or 3D image visualization/analysis, we also provide Huygens and Imaris.  As the Python paradigm is also taking over, we have installed all the tools for you to work with. Should you need additional software, do not hesitate to contact us ! Kind reminder: when booking a workstation, always make sure the booking type is appropriate (Freewares vs Commercial Softwares).