The winner of the BIC summer quiz
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The winner of the BIC summer quiz

Today we announce the winner of our summer quiz!

The winner is Gaelle Recher, one of our very regular users, who has been registered at the BIC for 5 years. She was the quickest to answer with the most correct answers (Here are the correct answers). She won a wonderful prize designed especially for the occasion.


Gaelle is a researcher at the « Institut d’Optique » in Talence, in the BioImaging and OptoFluidics group with Pierre Nassoy.

She is interested in the morphogenesis of bio-engineered self-organized cell systems (see image taken at the BIC). She uses encapsulated organoids to build 3D multi-scale vascularized tissue and she develops innovative home-made imaging set-ups.
At the BIC, she regularly uses multiphoton microscope in order to observe organoids in depth, but she also performs fast live imaging with spinning-disk microscopes.

More recently, she designed a 3D-printed device called “stampwell“to image organoids at medium through put with idylle-labs in Paris.

Self-organized adipocytes spheroid stained for nuclei in green, actin in purple, and lipid droplets in orange. Crédits: Amaël Mombereau, Adeline Boyreau, Gaëlle Recher