Gated STED is dead, long live Tau-STED!!

Now to perform STED images on our SP8-STED microscope, we do not sort photons by hardware gating anymore.
Thanks to the combination of the STED with the FALCON module allowing to measure lifetime, we can sort the photons according to their lifetime to have a more accurate selection of “useful” photons.
It also allows to decrease the background noise of the sample, so the signal to noise ratio is considerably improved.

The Tau-STED can allow us to decrease the power of depletion laser and thus be more compatible with the live imaging.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to test this new way of doing STED microscopy.

Cis-golgi (Green) and trans-golgi (Magenta) markers in arabidopsis thaliana
Magali Grison, UMR 5200 CNRS Université Bordeaux