Mini symposium on light-sheet microscopy developments and their applications to neuroscience

The Thursday November 23rd, as part of our dear Maxime’s thesis defense, a mini symposium is organized by Mathieu Ducros to present current developments in light-sheet microscopy for neuroscience. Don’t hesitate to participate!


9h00 – Welcome coffee

9h30 – Rémi Galland (IINS Bordeaux)
Multiscale imaging with the soSPIM technology

10h00 – Alexandra Fragola (Paris Saclay University)
Adaptive optics fluorescence microscopy for in vivo imaging

10h30 – Daniel Choquet (IINS Bordeaux)
Nanoscale glutamate receptor dynamics and synapse function

11h30 – Julien Colombelli (IRB Barcelona)
Scattered Lightsheet Microscopy: a new label free contrast for whole- cleared- organ imaging

12h00 – Mathieu Ducros (BIC Bordeaux)
Lattice Lightsheet microscopy of brain slices

14h30 – Maxime Malivert PhD Defense (BIC Bordeaux)
Intégration de l’optique adaptative sur un microscope à feuille de lumière « lattice » pour l’imagerie super-résolue en profondeur