Maxime Malivert_CIFRE PhD

Hello, my name is Maxime Malivert and I will begin CIFRE PhD on the Bordeaux Imaging Center to improve the lattice light-sheet (LLS) microscope.

Before I came here, I had a multidisciplinary background. In 2016, I received a DUT (University Graduate in Technology) in physical measurements. Then, in 2017, I got a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and finally a master’s degree in physics in 2019.

During the first year of this last training, I was looking for an internship that could link an engineering work in physics and my laboratories skills and I joined Mathieu Ducros to test some SMLM protocols like STORM or DNA-PAINT on the LLSM. The next year, I worked in apprenticeship on the integration of adaptive optic on the LLS microscope in relationship with Imagine Optic, a company specialized in the wavefront analysis and adaptive optics. Finally we decided to develop this project with a CIFRE thesis funded by this company and localized in Bordeaux Imaging Center.

Those experiences and a contract at the end of 2019 at Imagine Optic, gave me strong skills in adaptive optic and engineering and a good understanding of the LLS microscope.

Today, as a PhD student, I will work on the integration of adaptive optic and on the LLS microscope to make super-resolution imaging in depth with this setup.

See you soon !