London Crick Events
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London Crick Events

In july, some members of the BIC EM team taked part in two events in London (UK)

  • 2019 Crick EM Symposium

This event was organised by 4 leading figure in Electron microscopy : Lucy Collinson, Raffaela Carzaniga, Yannick Schwab and Paul Verkade.

This symposium explored the impact of correlative imaging on biomedical research across scales. It included talks from research and technology leaders in imaging (like Michael Elbaum, Peter Peters, Graham Knott..etc.), from the macromolecular through to the whole organism scales, with a particular emphasis on how these new techniques can be applied to biomedical research. We also heared about cutting edge developments in correlative imaging and big microscopy data.

  • Crick Advanced Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy (CLEM) Course 2019

The hands-on CLEM course covered three correlative workflows – 3D CLEM, Integrated Light and EM, and cryo CLEM – using a range of techniques and equipment including Near Infrared Branding, micro CT, Serial Block Face SEM, High Pressure Freezing for cells, in-resin fluorescence, ultraLM, integrated ight and SEM (SECOM), plunge freezing and cryo-fluorescence. There has also be a CLEM image analysis overview session.

Experimental protocols was described and a lot of tips and tricks was shown. Enough to help to follow the technical development of EM techniques in the BIC.

If you are interested by such techniques, please feel free to contact us (  / ) or to come directly in our lab, at the first level of CGFB.