Last version of Imaris available on the BIC!

The last release of the 3D processing and analysis software Imaris is now available at the Bordeaux Imaging Center.

This new version 9.7 is not a major update, but brings, as usual, some interesting new tools:

  • New statistical measurements allowing to determine object-object interaction. It is now possible to localize objects inside or outside another reference object and measure a spatial correlation. Corresponding distribution plots can be displayed and statistics extracted, with the possibility to superimpose it with a random distribution plot defined automatically.

  • For your timelapse acquisitions, it is also possible to define an « event time », for instance a specific change of a statistical parameter or any extrinsic event (drug injection, bleaching, etc…). The statistical measurements are then updated based on this event. In the case of tracking, an “event time” can be define during a track of objects based on a change of a specific statistical parameter. So, the tracks can be sorted based on the event time and the corresponding plots can be created.


We remind you that Imaris is a commercial software installed on our analysis stations 1 and 3. The use of commercial analysis softwares on the facility is charged at 6€ / hour (for academics). This allow us to still propose our 2 licenses in the last version and to have access to the application and technical support.

For greater flexibility and remote access, we have also the possibility to generate satellite licenses that you can install on your own computer. One-week license can be send to you on demand for a price of 60€/week (corresponding to 10 hours of on-site use).

Don’t hesitate to contact Sébastien or Jérémie if you have any questions concerning this powerful software!