INSERM workshop on Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy Workshop co-organised by BIC and IINS

RĂ©mi Galland (IINS) and Mathieu Ducros (BIC) co-organized a workshop with INSERM on Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy. The first phase, composed of theoretical courses and seminars took place in Bordeaux from Monday 16th till Wednesday 18th of may. It covered all aspects of LSFM from sample preparation and mounting, microscopesdevelopments, and data management/analysis. About 60 participants and speakers attended and exchanged actively during the talks, round tables and social events.

The second phase, which is a practical hands on session on various LSFM microscopes, will take place in june in 10 different labs and core facilities of the France BioImaging LSFM working group: Marseille (CIML and IBDM), Montpellier (MRI), Paris (Polytechnique, ESPCI), and Bordeaux (BIC and IINS). The participants can thus chose in a large range of LSFM, and test one microscope with their own sample.