Spinning-disk LIFA microscope


Leica DMI6000B


• 10X dry, 20X dry, 40X oil, 63X oil, 100X oil

(If you want to use an objective absent from this list, look at the complete list of objectives)


Microscope controled by Metamorph software

Confocal unit

Yokogawa CSU-X1 with 2 camera output

4 diodes laser

408 nm, 491 nm, 561 nm, 638 nm

General informations

• Motorized stage in XYZ and galvanometric stage for fast and precise z-stack acquisitions

• Inverted microscope with environmental control at 37°C and CO2 or carbogen provider

• System of FRAP

• Autofocus control system (Hardware autofocus - AFS)

• Spinning-disk 1 very sensitive EMCCD camera Photometrics Quantem 512 + 1 resolutive CCD camera Photometrics HQ2 Motorized filter wheels (simple, double and quad bands filters allowing fast multi-color acquisitions)

• LIFA for frequency-domain FLIM imaging with LED (451 nm, 477 nm, 523 nm) with 1 intensified camera LiCAM2

Acquisition modes

• Widefield and confocal in fluorescence and in transmission on fixed and live samples


• Fixed or live samples with a thickness up to 100 µm

• Measure of fluorescence lifetime on fixed or live samples in widefield

Photonic imaging