Confocal microscope SP8-STED


Leica DMI6000 TCS SP8 X


• Diode laser 405 nm + white laser 470-670nm

• STED lasers : 592 (cw), 660 (cw), 775 (pulsed)

• Motorized stage in X, Y and Z + galvanometric stage for fast and precise z-stack acquisitions

• STED module : 2D and/or 3D

• FALCON module for TCSPC FLIM imaging


10X dry, 20X dry, 20X multi-immersion (= IMM), 40X oil, 63X oil, 100X oil

(If you want to use an objective absent from this list, look at the complete list of objectives)

Scanner tandem

1 standard scanner (10 Hz to 1800 Hz) + 1 resonnant scanner (8000 Hz)


2 PMTs, 2 hybrid detectors, 1 PMT Trans


• Acquisitions on cultured cells or thick tissues in fluorescence (up to 100 µm thickness)

• Acquisitions on material (in reflection mode)

• STED on cultured cells or thin tissue slices

• FLIM imaging on cultured cells or tissue slices with white-light laser (470-670 nm)

Acquisition modes

• Confocal acquisitions in transmission (brightfield or DIC), fluorescence (colocalisation, 3D reconstruction)

• Mosaics of images acquisitions in 2D or 3D

• Acquisition in reflection

• Spectral acquisition (at excitation and emission)

Photonic imaging