Confocal microscope SP5-MP


Leica DM6000 TCS SP5 MP


10X 0.4 dry, 20X 0.7 multi-immersion, 40X 1.25 oil, 63X 1.4 oil, 25X 0.95 water (eventually 40X 0.8 water or 63X 0.9 water if needed)


405 nm, Argon (458, 476, 488, 496, 514 nm), 561 nm, 594 nm, 633 nm

Scanner tandem

1 standard scanner (10 Hz to 1800 Hz) + 1 resonant scanner (8000 Hz)


5 internal PMT whose 2 hybrid detectors, 2 Hybrid NDD, 1 PMT trans

General informations

IR pulsed Spectra Physics Mai Tai HP tunable between 690 and 1040 nm Motorized stage X, Y and Z + galvanométric Z-stage for precise and fast z-stack acquisitions

Acquisition modes

Confocal acquisitions in transmission (brightfield or DIC), fluorescence (colocalisation, 3D reconstruction) 2-photon mode Spectral acquisition (at excitation and emission) Acquisition in reflection Acquisition of mosaics of images 2D or 3D


Acquisitions on cultured cells or thick tissues, fixed or alive, in fluorescence, in confocal mode (up to 100 µm of thickness) or in 2-photon mode (> 100 µm)Acquisitions on material (in reflection mode)

Photonic imaging