LiveSR spinning-disk microscope


Leica DMI8


10X dry, 20X dry, 40X dry, 40X oil, 63X oil, 100X oil, 100X TIRF oil

4 diodes laser

405 nm, 491 nm, 561 nm, 642 nm


Microscope controlled by Metamorph software

General informations

Motorized stage in XYZ and piezo-stage for precise and fast z-stack acquisitions
Inverted microscope with environmental control at 37°C and CO2 provider.
System of FRAP and TIRF
2 sCMOS Photometrics Prime 95B camera
Confocal unit Yokogawa CSU-W1 with 2 cameras output
Super-resolution LiveSR module

Acquisition modes

Confocal microscopy combined with photomanipulation
TIRF microscopy combined with photomanipulation
Super-resolution acquisition (instantaneous SIM) combined with photomanipulation


Fixed or live samples with a thickness up to 100 µm
Surface imaging (in TIRF or HILO)

Photonic imaging