High-content screening microscope: Zeiss Cell Discoverer 7


Zeiss Cell Discoverer 7


• For wide-field microscopy:

- Dual Zeiss Colibri LED-based illumination: 385nm, 420nm, 470nm, 520nm, 567nm, 590nm, 625nm

- Dichroic mirrors: 405/493/575/653, 450/538/610, 405/493/610

- Emission filters: 412-438/501-527/583-601/662-756, 458-474/546-564/618-756, 412-433/501-547/617-758

- Detector: Zeiss Axiocam 512

• For confocal/AiryScan microscopies:

- Laser diodes: 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 640nm

- Dichroic mirrors: 405/493/575/653, 450/538/610, 405/493/610

- Emission filters: * Short-pass: 470nm, 545nm, 620nm * Long-pass: 575nm, 620nm, 640nm, 655nm * Spectral scanning is possible on this machine too, without using the above filters

- Detectors: * 2 GaASP-PMT (400-700nm) * 1 AiryScan detector GaAsP-PMT (400-700nm)

• For both: - Environmental control, temperature/CO2/humidity


• Intermediate lenses (used to adapt the sampling to the detectors' size): 0.5x, 1x, 2x

• Objectives: 5x/0.35 (dry), 20x/0.7 (dry, long working distance), 20x/0.95 (dry, short working distance), 50x/1.2 (water)

Sample support

All regular samples can be imaged, from slides to petri dishes and multi-well-plates: contact us for more information


• Main application: fully automated acquisition of samples cultures in multi-well plates (typically, 96 wells) in widefield

• All applications from a regular wide-field or confocal microscope are also possible:

- Acquisitions on cultured cells or thick tissues in fluorescence (up to 100 µm thickness) on fixed or live samples

- Confocal acquisitions in transmission (brightfield or DIC), fluorescence (colocalisation, 3D reconstruction)

- Mosaics of images acquisitions in 2D or 3D

- Acquisition in transmitted light (phase contrast, DIC, not available for all objectives)

- Spectral acquisition (emission)

• A dedicated offline workstation is available for data processing

Photonic imaging