BIC Image of the Month July 2024

This month’s winner is Angela Getz from the team « Dynamic of Synapse Organization and Function  » (UMR 5297, Interdisciplinary Institute for Neuroscience).

This image shows a sparse labeling of endogenous AMPA receptors on CA1 pyramidal neuron dendrites in the stratum radiatum. 3D image acquired using lattice light-sheet microscopy and the AP-tag knock-in toolkit for visualizing biotinylated GluA2 on the cell surface.

Angela acquired this image on the Lattice Light-Sheet Microscope of the BIC: You can see in white soluble eGFP used as cell volume fill and marker of biotin ligase expression for biotinylation of the AP tag, and in red biotinylated AP-GluA2, labeled with an Atto643 dye-conjugated biotin binding protein (a variant of monomeric StreptAvidin).


Angela Getz