William Magrini, new engineer on the BIC
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William Magrini, new engineer on the BIC


After a PhD in optics focused on the detection of nano-objects by light at cryogenic temperatures, I made a post-doc in the same research team. During this time, I used single molecule imaging and spectroscopy to detect local electric fields and I also developed an optical setup for magnetic field imaging and manipulation of materials. Finally, I implemented an optical setup for the measurement of fast magnetic field dynamics based on the use of pulsed lasers in pump-probe experiments.

Those experiences allowed me to acquire a strong background in optical development, single-molecule detection at cryogenic temperatures, ultra fast lasers and computer science.

My mission at the BIC is to develop a PALM setup at cryogenic temperature to perform super-resolution microscopy on cryo-fixed samples. This setup will then be used for correlative light electron microscopy of biological structures.

See you soon!