Bordeaux Imaging Center

Pôle de Microscopie Photonique
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Pôle de Microscopie Electronique
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Pôle d’Imagerie du Végétal
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Le BIC met à disposition de la communauté scientifique, académique et industrielle une offre de service, de formation et de R&D en imagerie cellulaire, principalement dans les domaines de la santé et du végétal. C’est une plateforme labélisée au niveau national Infrastructure en Biologie Santé et Agronomie (IBISA). Le BIC fait partie des infrastructures nationale France BioImaging et européenne Euro BioImaging.

Le BIC est le pôle imagerie du Centre de Génomique Fonctionnelle de Bordeaux. Les différentes composantes du BIC sont : Le Pôle d’Imagerie Photonique, le Pôle d’Imagerie Elecronique et le pôle d’Imagerie du Végétal.


  Invitation the first public display of the arts of Laurent chiffoleau “reflets synaptiques”, at 11h30 

JPEG - 2.4 ko In November 2015, the BIC photonic participated to the FACTS , the first Art and Science Festival of the University of Bordeaux. The aim of this first festival was to explore and experience different aspects of the relationship between arts and science. The festival topic was the “Light” because 2015 was the international year of Light. The BIC photonic worked with the visual artist Laurent Chiffoleau. During his stay, Laurent meets several users of the BIC in order to understand the way they are acquiring scientific images from their samples. He met users working on different kind of samples from entire mouse brain to single molecule detection in live neurons. From these metings and discussions, he gives an artistic interpretation of the scientific images.

  The Bordeaux Imaging Center and France-BioImaging at Focus On Microscopy 2017, 9th - 12th of April, in Bordeaux 

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For its first edition in France, the FOM conference will be held in Bordeaux from Sunday April 9 to Wednesday April 12, 2017. The conference will host a series of unique interdisciplinary meetings on advanced multi-dimensional light microscopy and image processing.

For this occasion, the Bordeaux Imaging Center will be represented through the national infrastructure France-BioImaging who will be exhibiting at the conference (booth n°63). It is a great opportunity for the French imaging community to gain international visibility and present its expertise.

See you there !

FOM2017 program available here : >> program

Registration : >> registration

“Next generation training in biological imaging” sessions program here

  New BIC member:Mónica Fernández Monreal 

JPEG - 4.3 ko I hold a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology and I have worked in different countries. For the last 10 years, my work has been devoted to the development of techniques to monitor trafficking of intracellular proteins in neurons. I have joined the BIC as Research Engineer very recently. Among other functions, my main objective is the implementation of Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy (CLEM). This technique allows localizing fluorescent molecules in biological samples, and placing them in the context of a cellular ultrastructure. With CLEM, we will certainly increase image resolution beyond the diffraction limit, and hopefully expose the secrets inside the cells.