Post lockdown re-opening of the BIC
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Post lockdown re-opening of the BIC

This article will be updated regularly according to the information obtained and the evolution of the rules.


Dear users,

As you already now, from the 11th of May, the lockdown will be lifted.

We will prepare the reopening from this date. But the imaging facility will be open to users from the 18th of May at 9:00.

However, as in your different laboratories, several drastic rules have to be apply to limit the spreading of the SRAS-Cov2 virus.


Among the main measures decided concerning access to the BIC, during the first step of the release from lockdown:

– Limited access to 1 person per room. Every booked session by users of at least 3 hours duration will be validated by BIC staff for this period.

– For your security we will clean up the systems and the doorknobs regularly. We will make sure that you will find hydroalcoolic gel at the entrance of the BIC and in every microscopy rooms. All the door inside the BIC will be kept open.

– You’ll have to wash your hands at your arrival on the facility AND before and after using the system. Each user will have to clean the system used before starting and at the end of the session with 70% EtOH on cleaning tissue.

– Use of gloves is forbidden, but you have to wear surgical or tissue mask.

– As asked in your laboratories, only priority projects will be allowed on the facility.


All these rules are listed on the poster that will be displayed on the facility.

These rules will evolve over the next few weeks, depending on official instructions. We will keep you informed of this on a regular basis.

See you soon on the BIC!

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