Trial of the Nanozoomer S60 on the BIC this month
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Trial of the Nanozoomer S60 on the BIC this month

The Bordeaux Imaging Center, in collaboration with Hamamatsu, organizes a demonstration session of the NEW Nanozoomer S60 from the 3rd to the 17th of October.


The NanoZoomer® S60 provides brightfield and fluorescence imaging on both standard (26 mm x 76 mm) and double size slides (52 mm x 76 mm).
During the same batch process, users can load both types of slides on dedicated racks using a brightfield and/or fluorescence setup profile.
Featuring a new high-end sCMOS camera (ORCA-Flash4.0), the scanner offers new software tools for fluorescence imaging including:
-A full review of field-of-view (FOV) fluorescence imaging, displayed before scan
-A control setting for exposure time, gains and offset for each channel when viewing images
-An automatic configuration setting based on user preferences (image quality, speed, both, etc).

We are welcome to test your slide samples on the NanoZoomer S60, alongside the Hamamatsu team, on the Oct 3rd and Oct 4th (8 sessions):

Morning: Session 1: 9h30-11h00 / Session 2: 11h00-12h30
Afternoon: Session 3: 14h00-15h30 / Session 4: 15h30-17h00

Then, the system will stay available for more batches until the 17th of October.

Here are the fluorescent channels planned for the demonstration:
DAPI (ex 387nm / em 435nm)
FITC (ex 480nm / em 520nm)
TRITC (ex 556nm / em 617nm)
Cy3 (ex 534nm / em 585nm)
Cy5 (ex 628nm / em 692nm)
TexasRed (ex 562nm / em 624nm)