Light-Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy Workshop
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Light-Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy Workshop

The France BioImaging (FBI) fluorescence light-sheet microscopy (LSFM) workgroup is organizing a workshop on LSFM techniques in Bordeaux. Initially planed for next June, it has been postponed to December 1-4th 2020. It will take place at the Bordeaux Imaging Center (BIC) and the Neuroscience Interdisciplinary Institute (IINS) in the building Centre Broca Nouvelle Aquitaine.

This 3.5 days workshop will be split between:

  • theoretical courses by FBI experts
  • a half day mini-symposium by world class researchers
  • hands on sessions on 5 different microscopes for imaging a wider range of samples from large cleared organs to single molecules (Ultramicroscope – LaVision Biotech, Z1 – Zeiss, InVi lattice pro – Luxendo, Lattice light-sheet, SoSPIM)
  • data handling and analysis practical sessions.

Please find below the workshop announcement poster with the pre-registration link.

Contacts: Rémi Galland () or Mathieu Ducros ()

Click here: FBI_LSFM_Workshop