Leica “Thunder” System demo organized at the BIC photonic!
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Leica “Thunder” System demo organized at the BIC photonic!

From the 18th to the 21st of June, Leica microsystems will organize a demo of their latest widefield microscopy system called Thunder.

This system is particularly dedicated to improve the resolution on 3D fluorescent samples. Thus this new system can be an interesting alternative to scanning confocal microscopy.

The demo will start by a presentation on the 18th of June (9h30 AM in Broca Nouvelle Aquitaine building auditorium), and then be followed by individual trials on users sample.

Information about the Thunder systems can be found here: https://www.leica-microsystems.com/products/thunder-imaging-systems/

3 systems will be presented and available for users’ trials:

The link to book or own demo session on one of the system is here: https://calendly.com/leicamicrosystems

See you soon on the facility,