In vivo imaging on the bic during cajal school
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In vivo imaging on the bic during cajal school

In vivo imaging of blood vessels and neurons with calcium sensor - Craig Brown (Cajal School June 2019)

From the 19 May to the 8 June, the Cajal school « Brain Homeostasis and Neurovascular Coupling » takes place in Bordeaux. Several projects are using the 2-photon microscopes of the BIC.

Three of these projects concern in vivo imaging on mice and are done on the Femtonics Femto2D-RC and on the Leica SP5-MP-FLIM microscope. For this Cajal school, we adapt the Leica SP5-MP to be able to do in vivo imaging on anesthetized mouse. So the two systems can now perform in vivo imaging.  

The group of Craig Brown (Division of Medical Sciences, University of Victoria) performed on the Femtonics system calcium imaging measurement inside brain mouse during several hours, with stimulation of the hindpaw of the mouse.

If you would like to try 2-photon imaging on ex vivo (acute or organotypic brain slices for example) or in vivo samples, don’t hesitate to contact us and plan a trial.