High Content Screening now available on the Facility
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High Content Screening now available on the Facility

Last December, the BIC has welcomed a new piece of equipment in its premises: a HCS system. Thanks to the help of IBiSA, Labex Brain and the Nouvelle Aquitaine Regional Council, we have been able to get the latest system from Zeiss, the CellDiscoverer 7. It is a wide-field-based system that embarks a confocal head, equipped with the AiryScan2 system for enhanced resolution (not super-resolution per se but really enhanced).

The system is equipped with environmental control (temperature, CO2, O2). More information is available from https://www.zeiss.fr/microscopie/produits/systemes-d-imagerie/celldiscoverer-7-plateforme-automatisee-pour-limagerie-de-cellules-vivantes.html

The HCS system is dedicated to fully automated, high throughput imaging. It comes with a second workstation dedicated to online image analysis, as the images are being acquired.

To date, this is the second system of this kind installed in Europe. Later this year, we will be provided with a robotic arm and an incubator: the robotic part will be able to fetch plates from the incubator for imaging with the CD7.


Please feel free to come and see “the beast”, and discuss about your future experiments !