Happy Birthday to the CNRS!! 80 years old!!!
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Happy Birthday to the CNRS!! 80 years old!!!

The BIC through his national infrastructure France-Bio-Imaging participated to the 80th anniversary of the CNRS, the 25th of May!

The BIC opened his door to the public and proposed 8 different workshops to discover the world of the electronic or photonic microscopies and optical manipulation applied to neurosciences or different biological samples.

It has been a great success with more than 60 visitors from 10h to 17h, children or older were happy to discover the world at the microscopic level: for example they could play with the light and optical components, they could see neurons in slices or in culture at different magnifications to even observe synapses, they could play with an open microscope, macroscope or endoscope and observe samples that they has bring, they could discover the simplest microscope using light and a drop of water, they could observe live cells in color, they could observe the 8-eyes of a spider using a scanning electron microscope…   It has been a pleasure to share our skills and everyday work!