Slides scanner – Nanozoomer
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Slides scanner - Nanozoomer


Hamamatsu NANOZOOMER 2.0HT


1 halogen lamp for the transmission
1 metal-halide lamp for the fluorescence


20x NA 0.75 with a fixed additional lens 1.75X (global magnification of 20X in binning 2 or 40X in binning 1)

Maximale resolution

around 500 nm

General informations

7 positions of racks to load up to 210 slides at the same time + 1 robot to take and put down slides on the stage under objective
1 TDI 3-CCD camera to scan slides with sensitivity and speed + 1 widefield camera for preview acquisitions at low resolution
Possibility to acquire z-stack images
Système coupled with Mercator software from Explora Nova to analyze the data


Acquisitions of a large number of fixed samples in coloration or in fluorescence (tissues with a thickness up to 50 µm).

Acquisition modes

Transmission (coloration workable)
Fluorescence (with focusing in fluorescence or in transmission)

Photonic imaging