Microscope 2-photon in-vivo
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Microscope 2-photon in-vivo


Femtonics FEMTO3D-RC

Microscope stand equipped with

1 LED source (with 4 LEDs), 4 filters sets (DAPI, GFP, mCherry and Cy5 filters), 1 sCMOS camera (Hamamatsu Orca Flash 2.8)
2 objectives positions (5X dry et 20X 1.0 water immersion)
2 scanners (1 resonant et 1 galvanometric) for simultaneous imaging and photomanipulation
2 upper GaAsP NDD detectors + 2 lowerGaAsP detectors, with GFP and mCherry filter sets. 1 trans PMT with Dodt contrast
Motorized stage allowing to use tissue slices or entire animals (mouse or rat)
Objective piezo system for a fast and precise movement in z with the possibility to scan 3D regions of interest
Synchronised with electrophysiology devices (2 motorized micromanipulators Luigs and Neumann, Amplifier and Digitizer Axon Instruments) One external LED at 595 nm with optical fiber for opto-genetics experiments

Acquisition modes

Acquisitions in biphotonic mode on galvo scanner with/without photomanipulation and electrophysiology
Acquisitions in biphotonic mode on resonant scanner with/without photomanipulation and electrophysiology
Acquisitions in widefield mode on sCMOS camera


Observation on entire animals
Photomanipulation : uncaging, photo-activation, optogenetic
Possible coupling with electrophysiology

Photonic imaging