Electron microscopy network, the RCCM
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Electron microscopy network, the RCCM

The national network RCCM (Réseau des Centres communs de microscopie) was created in 2000. Today, it gathers core facility and laboratories oriented in scientific development and techniques in electron microscopy in biology and related domain. There are around 300 members from different organism (university, CNRS, INSERM, INRA) from all the country.

The specific skills of the RCCM are :  transmission electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, 3D imaging, CryoEM, chemical analysis and all the sample preparation dedicated for all those techniques.

From now, this network will be called « RIME » : Réseau d’Imagerie en Microscopie Electronique.

The RCCM/RIME objectives are :

  • List the different core facilities and laboratories that provide equipements and expertises in electron microscopy.
  • Contribuate to technical and scientifical development of the microscopy
  • Organize workgroup to discuss about common problematic and help to there introduction in lab.
  • Contribuate to the development of members relationship and skill transmission.

Every year an image contest, as a technical poster contest, is organized. This year, one of our images won the 5th place! We also enjoy the beautiful surrounding to make a walk and taste Collioure and Banuyls wine ! The RIME network is really friendly and welcoming, so if your are interrested, please feel free to have a look on the website. (http://rccm.cnrs.fr/)

This year, like every year, the network organized a national training.

For this 18th action, the event took place in Banuyls-sur-Mer from June 5th to the 7th. The subject was : New 3D approaches in electron microscopy, with several conferences on technical approach like STEM tomography, Arraytomography and Serial Block Face Imaging, but also around image analysis and 3D reconstruction processes.