80 years of imagery at the CNRS
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80 years of imagery at the CNRS

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of microscopy imaging at CNRS, the France Bioimaging Infrastructure proposes an open doors day in the Bordeaux Imaging Center.

You are invited to come with friends and family
to visit our photonic and electronic unit in the Carreire site of the Bordeaux University
on May the 25th from 10:00 to 17:00.

We will be happy to give you a tour of the Facility, our program being based on workshops you can pick from:

On the photonic unit :

Mini-Workshop 1 : How do we manipulate light to create image ? We will see how light is manipulated to observe biological tissues. We will show the difference between white light sources and lasers, then we will observe the effects of lenses, prisms, mirrors and slits, which compose a microscope.

Mini-Workshop 2 : Is it enough to see bigger to see better ? Using a 3D printed laser projection microscope, we will attempt to visualize a sample placed in a drop of water, used as a magnifying lens. But is a liquid magnifying glass enough to visualize the inside of our cells ? We will compare this “homemade” technology to a commercial microscopy system dedicated to “research” in order to answer the question.

Mini-Workshop 3 : How does a microscope work ? We will dismantle an optical microscope in order to discover what it consists of : lenses, mirrors, diaphragms… What is the purpose of each of these elements? How is the light sent to the sample ? How is sample information collected ? If possible, we will observe samples brought by the participants.

Mini-workshop 4 : See neurons from far or very close ! We will have the opportunity to acquire images of entire neurons, with all their extensions. Then we will see in more detail the shape of their spines, these small structures that allow them to communicate with each other.

Mini-workshop 5 : See the living! We will have the opportunity to image a living sample.

On the electron unit :

Mini-workshop 1 : How does a brain look like when imaged at a very high magnification ? How can electron give a better resolution, and reveal all the details of a biological structure ? We promise to show you the beautiful kiss ever… a synapse !

Mini-workshop 2 : Diamond are the girls best friends… but not only ! Have you already seen the nanometric ham slicer ?

Mini-workshop 3 : How does a hair look like at high magnification ? What kind of details can we see on a fly eye ? Have you ever seen how beautiful is a butterfly wing ?

The doors will be opened from 10:00 to 17:00. A reception desk will be placed at the 1st floor of the Centre Broca Nouvelle Aquitaine.